Hand made Quality Quilted Bags

Item# 110 MD   SOLD!! But if you like one made , just email me.

Mystic Dawn Bag

Size 14″ by “14

Has inside zipper pocket

Price $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping

Mystic Dawn Bag #110MD

Item# 110MD The Mystic Dawn Bag is a great size 14″ x14″ and has a inside zipper pocket $25.00 plus shipping fee $5.00


Amour Blue Bag- long handles item#111AB

Amour Blue Bag is made with a zipper pocket inside Size 13″ by 12″


Tiki Large Tote Bag item#115TT

This Tiki Large Bag was made with Batiks fabrics Size 15″ by 20″ Very classy bag with a lot of room to put your items in!