10 ” Squares for sale & Christmas 10″ square

Boundless Sonnet Blue

Boundless Sonnet Blue 10 “square

Size: 10″ square has 42 pieces in 10″ x 10” cuts

100% cotton Boundless prints, some prints are duplicated.

These beautiful fabrics are a celebration of flourishing gardens and feminine detailing from detailed florals to organic scrolls to geometric dots- all in a palette of soft blue, navy, taupe, and cream colors.

Price includes shipping:

Boundless Sonnet Blue 10″ square

Each square has 42 pieces of 10' x 10' size There will be some duplicates. Price includes shipping!


Boundless Hillside Harvest 10 inch Square

The Boundless Hillside is a traditional and rustic fabric inspired by idyllic farm life. Vintage fabric is a mix of floral, geometric patters. Great versatility color.

Boundless Hillside 10 square

10″ square has 42 pieces of 10′ x 10′ of Harvest collection Price includes shipping



Boundless Hillside Holiday Harvest

This 10″ square is a beautiful Holiday collection features a palette of earthly tones inspired by crisp autumnal day. Small scale geometries, checks and plaids – its picture prefect for the Holiday Season.


Boundless Hillside Holiday Harvest

Beautiful Holiday collection of fabric. 10" square of 42 pieces of 10 " x 10" cuts



Boundless Gloriana’s Dream 10″ Square

An alluring collection inspired by the tradition of the Jacobean era. A palette of vibrant jewel tones brings a classic beauty floral and geometric designs. Add a touch of history to your with an aesthetic that’s sure to draw you in.


Boundless Gloriana’s Dream 10″ square

An alluring collection inspired by the traditions of the Jacobean era. 10" square of 42 pieces of 10" x 10" Price includes shipping.



Boundless Heritage Home- Celebrate Americana with a nostalgic collection.

Traditional floral prints, rich shades of red/blue complemented by a range of neutrals. A patriotic quilt can be made with these beautiful patterns.


Boundless Heritage Home 10″ square

Celebrate American with these beautiful patriotic colors. 10" square of 42 pieces of 10" x 10" Price inclueds shipping.